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Arctic Circle Trail

The total length of the Arctic Circle Trail between Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut is 165km (102 ½ miles). If you begin at the ice cap, the distance increases to 202km (125 ½ miles).
During the summer months from June to September the trail is usually free of snow and offers a spectacular hike from the icecap to Sisimiut’s coast.
Depending on fitness levels and the weather, it can take anywhere between 7-12 days to complete. Except for a few wooden huts for bad weather and one bridge over the biggest river the trail offers no luxuries.

10 huts in the trail free to use.

Bring your own tent, in case the hut should be occupied.

Experience the wildlife

A summer trek along the ACT reveals extensive life, despite the species count being low. It could be delineated as ‘big game country, with reindeer and musk ox doubtless to be seen. Reindeer antlers and bones ar seen on a daily basis on the path. Juvenile reindeer ar inquisitive and might approach walkers, while adults ar fast to break away. Stocky, shaggy musk ox, related to sheep and goats, were hunted nearly to the purpose of extinction, but the space around Kangerlussuaq was restocked within the Nineteen Sixties with twenty seven calves, and their numbers are currently around ten thousand. Musk ox is just rarely seen on the trail. By all means admire them, but provide them wide berth. They are unpredictable, especially in family teams, and might charge anyone approaching them.
Two animals that do often seen are the arctic hare and fox. The hare is white, as are some of the foxes, but different foxes ar a dark color, referred to as ‘blue’.

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